EP321: Before You Release Your Next Single

Are you gearing up to release your next single? Don't pick your release date until you maximize your efforts in the stages before, during, and after the launch!

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Circa pick apart the foundations of single releases so that you can plan your waterfall releases to have the biggest impact. Learn about the myth of fast releases, dive deep into what assets and content you should have ready for both pre-release and ongoing marketing efforts, and best practices for distribution and effective pitching to playlists!

Before dropping your next song, let this episode be your checklist with strategies and tips to make it your most successful release yet!


  • What Assets And Content You Need For An Impactful Pre-Release And Post-Marketing
  • Best Practices For Distribution And Timing
  • How To Utilize Spotify For Artists For Playlist Pitching
  • What Spotify's Audio Profiling Means For Your Tracks In The Recommendation Engine
  • When To Consider Pre-Aave Campaigns
  • Why Post-Marketing Is The Most Critical Phase Of Your Release Strategy
  • When To Consider Using Paid Traffic To Boost Your Visibility