EP166: The Evolution of Sync Licensing with Mark Eckert

We get a LOT of questions from Indies about sync licensing. Sync is a powerful revenue stream for many artists and producers, but it carries an air of mystery for many Indies. How do you start to explore the opportunities in sync licensing and tap into it as a revenue stream?

In this episode, Jack is joined by our friend Mark Eckert, a producer, drummer, and the owner of music licensing company THATPITCH! We unpack the history of the music business and sync, how Mark started THATPITCH to fill a void in the industry, the evolution of sync licensing, and what Indies need to know to gain a competitive advantage in sync.

If you're looking to tap into sync licensing, this episode demystifies some of the nuances of sync as Mark shares his knowledge and experience from helping producers make over $20k per month in sync! 


  • Why the music and film industries have been tied together from the beginning
  • How tech is causing massive disruption and evolution in sync licensing
  • What gaps in sync Mark looked to fill with THATPITCH in order to help producers
  • What the decentralization of the music industry means for sync
  • Where the music industry is missing out in sync and how Indies can gain a foothold