EP167: Shiny Object Syndrome and Your Artist Brand

With new platforms, strategies, and marketing advice blasted out daily, it's easy for musicians to lose focus on their brand and where they need to spend their time, effort, and energy! Enter shiny object syndrome...

On this episode of Creative Juice, Corrin and Jack discuss shiny object syndrome and how artists can break through the anxiety of needing to be everywhere and create content for every platform. Learn how to overcome the overwhelm of trying to fit into livestreaming, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, email marketing, and any other tool or platform that has you feeling paralyzed and focus down on the needs of your artist brand.

If you've ever felt paralyzed by all the things you could do and need to learn what you SHOULD focus on as an artist, this episode will clear the path for you!


  • Why Livestreaming, TikTok, and Any New Platform Creates Shiny Object Syndrome
  • What You Can and Cannot Learn from The Strategies of Other Artists
  • Why Platform Hopping for Organic Reach Leads to FOMO
  • What Questions To Ask When Considering What Content to Create
  • How To Set Strategic Objectives That Grow Your Entire Ecosystem and Brand