EP169: I’m Burned Out In My Music Career, Now What?

Burnout for artists and musicians is a very real risk and the thought of it alone strikes fear in the hearts of ambitious creatives of all kinds. From songwriting, recording, creating content, marketing, and everything that comes along with building a career, burnout feels inevitable. So, what happens when you burn out?

On this episode of Creative Juice, Corrin and Jack go deep into talking about burnout as our hosts talk about their own burnout experiences and share insights from other creatives at IndieX agency as well! Learn why Corrin is feeling burn out, what processes to follow when you're feeling stuck, and how to keep your marketing going even when you're not.

If you've ever felt burned out in your music career and want to learn how to navigate those waters when the going gets rough, this episode is for you!


  • Why Creatives Are Prone To Burn Out
  • How To Ensure Your Marketing Is Working Even While You Recharge
  • What Steps You Can Take To Recover from a Burnout Period
  • How To Structure Your Time And Reset Your Focus
  • Why a DIY Ethic Can Crush Your Soul and When To Consider Building A Team