EP174: The Ad Targeting Secret for Music That No One Talks About

One of the biggest questions we hear from musicians about setting up ad campaigns for their music is "how do I target my ideal fan if the artists I sound like aren't options?" With targeting options always in flux, this question begs an answer.

On this episode of Creative Juice, Corrin and Jack discuss the ad targeting secret that no one EVER talks about: your content! Learn how the content and messaging used in your ads is actually the secret weapon when creating ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram and how it applies to both new and old fans, regardless of how platforms change!

If you've been relying on similar artist and interest-based targeting options to dial in the "perfect" targeting system, this episode will be an eye-opener for you! 


  • Why Your Music Video And Content Is Your Best Targeting Tool
  • How To Dial In The Messaging of Your Ads To Speak To Your People
  • What To Do With Broad Audience Targeting Options
  • How To Pivot When Platforms Change