EP175: The Ever-Evolving Music Industry with Wendy Day

The return of live music is visible on the horizon. The digital landscape for musicians is changing daily. Down to brass tacks, what do artists need to do in 2021 to succeed?

On this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Corrin unpack the foundational steps that we've seen artists apply to build their careers throughout a year of coaching and consulting with hundreds of Indies. Learn why this era of music allows for experimentation and why it's critical to evolve beyond "copy and paste" strategies to remain authentic to your fans.

If you're looking to recharge your mindset about your path in music, this episode is full of gems that have become daily habits for tons of successful Indies!


  • Why you need to break out of "copy and paste" marketing and think beyond frameworks 
  • Where your musical creativity overlaps with your marketing
  • How to make your fans feel like it's all about them
  • What to look for and what NOT to look for when learning from other artists
  • How to develop your "WHY" and your "WHO"