EP172: Back To Basics: What You’d Do If You Were Starting From Scratch In Music

Bands break up. Artists change their sound. Duos split for solo music. Startups, change, and resets are so common in creative careers. How do you navigate starting a project from scratch?

On this episode of Creative Juice, Corrin and Jack go way back to basics to discuss what they would do if they were kicking off their music from scratch! Spoiler: Jack is in the process of actually starting from scratch! Learn how to block out your time for maximum effect, break through creative ruts, and evaluate where to focus your marketing.

If you are starting a music career or creative project from ground zero and are feeling overwhelmed, grab some actionable insights from this episode and dive in!


  • Where To Focus Your Digital Marketing When Starting From Scratch
  • How To Overcome Writers Block and Creative Ruts
  • Why Time Blocking and Scheduling Will Help You Focus On The RIGHT Things
  • What To Consider When You're Starting Over and Already Have a Fan Base