EP177: Why Email Marketing Still Crushes for Artists in 2021

Email marketing is one of the most powerful channels in digital marketing, capable of turning massive returns. However, to this day email marketing is massively underutilized and misused by artists and the music industry at large.

On this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Corrin go fact for fact about what makes email marketing one of the most profitable digital marketing channels and why artists still need to get with the program in 2021. Learn why email marketing works regardless of the age of your fans, what developments in automation can do to help grow your music business, and how to write emails that get in the feels of your fans.

If you're looking to tap into email marketing or have limiting beliefs about whether it even applies to your fans, this addresses all of that and much more! 


  • Why Email Marketing Is STILL The Highest ROI Channel
  • How Gen Z Email Use Is Real and Growing
  • What To Think About When Writing Emails To Your Fans
  • How To Tap Into The Power of Email Segmentation and Automation 
  • Why We See Email Constantly Win For Artists