EP202: The Success Habits of Highly Effective Artists in 2022

From music production and songwriting chops to content and marketing prowess, the largest skill set in the world won't help an artist succeed if they're not confident, activated, and engaged with their business. A simple mindset shift is sometimes all it takes to get your career on the rails to success!

On the first episode of Creative Juice in 2022, we approach the new year with new minds as we discuss some of the habits, mindsets, and thought patterns that we've learned from our artist clients at the IndieX agency. Unpack how to give yourself permission to take control over your business, learn to set and follow a mission-critical creative vision, start to think like a fan to unlock a new perspective on content, and how to work with the setbacks AND wins that come your way!

If you need a mental reset, renewed focus, and a confidence boost to crush your goals in the new year, this episode will give you some legitimate, no-fluff frameworks that you can use when thinking about and planning your music career in 2022! 


  • How to Take Responsibility For Your Career With Or Without A Team
  • Why Your Creative Vision Should Fuel The Rest of Your Goals
  • How The 502s Surveyed Their Fans And Were Surprised By The Result
  • What Steps Will Help You Avoid Tapping Out Your Creative Vault
  • Where You Should Focus Your Attention On Social Media
  • How To Think Like A Fan When It Comes to Content
  • Why Data Should Guide Your Strategic Plans and Pivots