EP215: All About Music NFTs!

Thinking about diving into the world of music NFTs? Many artists on the outside looking in wonder if NFTs are worth all the buzz they get in the music business. Are music NFTs all hype, a viable revenue stream, or something in between?

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Circa walk through the history and fundamentals of NFTs to cover where NFTs started, how they work, and what the future may hold for music NFTs. Discover the similarities NFTs have with other collectibles like trading cards, how the technology behind NFTs work, and learn the process involved in minting and selling music NFTs!

If you're looking for a resource to give you a full introduction to music NFTs from start to finish, let this episode be your guide!


  • What A Nonfungible Token Is and Why They're Valuable
  • What The Scaling Trilemma Represents
  • The Hard To Swallow Pills of 2022 For The Music Industry
  • What Steps You Need To Take To Mint an NFT
  • Examples of Successful and Unsuccessful NFT Launches
  • What Communities You Can Join to Learn About Music NFTs
  • How To Sell NFTs in a Secondary Market
  • Why Physical Items Are Easily Understood As Tokenization