EP227: The Pillars of A Successful Single Release

We get a LOT of questions about the best strategies and tactics to use when planning and marketing a single release...with a TON of information on the topic, there's a lot for artists to unpack!

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed chat about the major pillars of a single release strategy that artists need for a successful launch! Learn how to create a timeline for your releases, how to craft a narrative around your music, what content to have in your arsenal, and how to keep fans of all levels excited and engaged.

Are you preparing to drop recurring singles throughout the rest of this year? Don't plan another release without listening to the gems in this episode!


  • What Major Marketing Pillars Will Support Your Music Releases
  • Why Indies Can't Base Their Strategies On Taylor Swift or Beyonce
  • How To Craft Content That Will Get Your Fans Talking About Your Single
  • Why You Need Video On The Day Your Music Drops
  • What You Can Learn from Bon Iver About Fan Access 
  • How To Make Presaves Actually Valuable To Your Fans (If You MUST)