EP254: How To Grow on Spotify in 2023

Looking to grow your Spotify listeners, streams, and followers? Paid advertising can get you on your way to success...but with so much information about social media advertising, finding the best starting point can be a challenge...

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed are joined by IndieX Account Strategist and IndieFounder Coach Jesse Gillenwalters to about growing on Spotify and Instagram using paid traffic! Hear from Jesse about the successes we're seeing with IndieFounder students' streaming growth, learn

If you want to cut through the noise around growing on Spotify and hear from someone who is actually doing it with artists every single day, this episode will get you marketing your streaming catalog to the right fans, right away!


  • What Artists Need To Know About Spotify Growth
  • How To Avoid Chasing The Wrong Metrics and Goals
  • What Makes A Winning Campaign in Instagram Reels Ads
  • How To Grow Your Audience In A Holistic Way
  • Why Your Best Organic Content Will Be Your Best Leverage