Affirmation Stage Trainings & Strategies

You can check out the following trainings in IndiePro to learn more about Affirmation.

Free + S&H Funnel Strategy

How To Generate Sales Year-Round

How to Profit From A Launch Campaign 

Lesson Objectives

  • Understanding three campaign categories of the Affirmation stage
  • Understanding why lower priced products are ideal for this stage
  • Brainstorming your first Affirmation products


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You may be too young to remember this, but Columbia House Music Club used to dominate sales in the music industry.

They were able to grow their business to represent 15% of ALL music sales by offering their famous "13 Records, Tapes, or CDs for $1" campaign.

This campaign was so successful in creating customers that it ran for the entire lifespan of the business from 1955 to 2009.


In this "Affirmation" style email campaign, made me aware of their Summer Sale - sparing no emoji in the process.

This makes perfect business sense - I've never bought anything from this store, but I'm on their email list. By regularly running sales (such as this one), they increase the probability that I will become a customer.

And, once I'm a customer, they'll know enough about my preferences to make targeted offers.

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New Release

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In this "Affirmation" style email campaign, DigitalMarketer uses an "ANNOUNCING:" subject line to indicate that they have a brand new product to tell me about: DigitalMarketer HQ.

This shows the "New Release" incentive pretty clearly - DigitalMarketer HQ is not actually a "new" product. In fact, it's several years old.

But, DigitalMarketer knows that, if I haven't been exposed to HQ yet as a product, it's best to frame it as a "New Release". Human beings pay special attention to "New" things, and they are capitalizing on that natural quirk of human psychology.

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