How To Use The System

The Buddy System represents the journey that your audience members take from "stranger" to "fan", and it is comprised of the steps that make up that journey.

At the same time, The Buddy System can be viewed as a diagnostic tool to understand where the greatest need exists in your entertainment career, your business, and the growth of your fan base.

The Buddy System is not always a linear experience, both as the "fan journey" and as a tool for focusing your growth efforts. Your fans will not always progress through each stage in a linear order and many of them will fall off entirely. Similarly, the optimal stage for you to focus on in the short term may not always be the "next" stage.

Working with high-level artist clients, our agency has recognized that when artists and artist teams get "stuck" in the effort to grow their business and fan base, the bottleneck can usually be identified by using the Buddy System and checking which stages may be causing fans to drop off or become less engaged.

Ultimately, using this system (like any modern marketing system) requires an awareness of many skills - email marketing, advertising, etc. - and the exponential growth it can provide does not come overnight.

This system was taught to you so that you can always place a marketing strategy, a blockage in your growth, and your next steps in the context of a larger long-term strategy. Ideally, it will prevent you from being lost.

However, you should not let it overwhelm you. There are a great deal of things that you are now aware of but do not have a full grasp on. That's okay. With time, you will come to know these concepts in and out - in some cases, without even noticing it happening.

Lesson Objectives

  • Understanding the Buddy System as the "fan journey"
  • Understanding the Buddy System as a "business"
  • Preventing overwhelm and giving yourself time to learn

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