Ascension Stage Trainings & Strategies

In the Ascension stage, you will gradually ascend your customers to higher and higher levels of support through the "Offer-Nurture Cycle". The sequence of offers you make to your customers will depend entirely on your "Value Ladder". While not all "Value Ladders" are created equal, we use 4 categories of products to sequence offers appropriately.

Below, you can examine four example categories of Ascension products - Merchandise, Live Events, Membership/Patronage, and VIP/Loyalty/Exclusives.

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Lesson Objectives

  • Understanding examples of Ascension product types/categories
  • Understanding how to arrange products in sequential order
  • Brainstorming your Ascension offers and products


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This offer from DigitalMarketer is shown right after customers purchase a membership to their DigitalMarketer Lab product.

The incentive for this offer is purely merchandise based - they are asking you to upgrade your Lab account so that you can receive a t-shirt and a book.

This is a great example of a cross-sell Ascension - as an Upsell to my existing order, they are offering a different type of product than the digital membership I just purchased.

Live Events

This email comes from Orlando, FL Indie Folk band The 502s. Sent to their existing customer list, this email prepares fans for their upcoming European tour.

While this email is not necessarily a direct sales pitch, it shows how The 502s are leveraging their existing fan/customer base to promote their live show run in Europe.

The most likely show attendees are those who have already purchased something in the past - and The 502s have a large amount of customers in Europe.

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This screenshot is from the sales page of Nino Bless' "Rejects Membership" product. The membership comes with bonus material from Nino's albums, lyrics, instrumentals, acapellas, a Behind-The-Scenes video series, audio journals, and rough/in progress mixes and demos for any songs Nino is currently working on.

This membership was offered "invitation only" to Nino's existing customer base - it is difficult to access this page without an invitation. Nino made the offer for this membership directly to his customer list in the Ascension stage.


This email comes from Maxwell Finn's "Unicorn IQ Academy". We received this email because we are existing customers, having purchased the "Facebook Ad IQ" course in early 2018.

The email offers VIP access to Unicorn IQ's entire suite of training courses at a significant "members-only" discount. 

This email also is a shining example of copywriting - Maxwell injects a significant amount of scarcity into this email while also anchoring my mind to the higher "value" of his product before giving me an exclusive discount.

And, the discount is overwhelming - I could get almost $5000 worth of value for 1/10th of the price simply because I am an existing high-value customer.

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