Understanding The Ascension Stage

The Ascension stage is where businesses make targeted offers to their existing customers to ascend their "lifetime value" and develop a deeper relationship. Just as the name indicates, this is where we start growing the relationship with a one-time customer, translating to multiple purchases and deeper engagement.

You can think of this as the "Offer-Nurture Cycle" - after every purchase a customer makes, you nurture the relationship with that customer and then make a slightly higher offer than the last one.

It can take some time for newer artists, or simply those who have not been selling products, to get to the Ascension stage. However, with the right tech stack, this stage can be highly automated and is the best opportunity to generate more revenue.

Besides the obvious benefit of making more money, a well-executed Ascension structure also means that more fuel can be fed into the earlier stages of the Buddy System.

Across all industries, it is far less expensive to sell again to a repeat customer than it is to acquire a new one. Therefore, getting your existing fans excited about and purchasing higher-tier offers also means you’re able to invest more into feeding new fans into your world.

The Ascension stage can be fueled by a wide range of potential strategies and offers; it really deserves a great deal of attention, even if your artistry isn’t quite to the place where you have a lot of fans ready to pour into it.

Once you have your Ascension structure built, especially if leaning heavily on automation, fans will reach that stage before you know it - and you don’t want to miss that opportunity!

Lesson Objectives

  • Understanding the "Offer-Nurture Cycle" and the "Value Ladder"
  • Understanding how Ascension raises the value of all customers 
  • Brainstorming your Value Ladder and Ascension Stages

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