EP168: Back To Basics: The Temperature of Your Fan Base

Fans don't exist in a vacuum. Each and every fan is on a journey with the artists they enjoy. While this idea may seem like common sense, it's an often missed and important concept when marketing your music.

On this episode of Creative Juice, Corrin and Jack go back to basics to discuss the various temperatures of fans in your audiences and how that will inform your marketing! Learn the differences between cold, warm, and hot audiences and the strategies that you can use for each of these traffic temperatures to grow your fan base.

Whether you're diving into advertising for your music for the first time, working an organic angle, or a mix of both, this episode is a must listen to give your strategy focus!


  • How to Define Traffic Temperature as a Musician
  • Where to Find Your Cold, Warm, and Hot Audiences
  • How Paid Traffic and Organic Traffic Cold Audience Campaigns Differ
  • Why You Should Aim To Engage Your Warm Audiences with Content
  • What Types of Ads to Try for Hot Traffic