EP171: How Randy Nichols and Underoath’s Livestream Broke The Mold

In a noisy world, innovation and creativity are the engines that give artists with great music the ability to stand out. This is true of all music marketing, but especially true right now in the massive surge of livestreaming. How do artists break the mold?

On this special episode of Creative Juice, Corrin and Jack are joined by artist manager and music tech expert Randy Nichols to discuss his career and how he helped Underoath make a massive impact with a series of livestream shows! Learn how Randy got started in the industry and began managing artists, the strategies and tools Underoath used to create a killer livestream, and how they got it all done fast with a small team!

If you've been livestreaming and looking to take your strategy to a level that actually impresses your fans, this episode is an absolute must-listen for inspiration, motivation, and action items! 


  • How Randy Used Shopify and Klaviyo In Their Tech Stack
  • Why It Was Important To Create A Performance That Felt Intimate For Fans
  • What The Team Did To Overcome Tech and Licensing Challenges
  • Why Underoath's Digital & Physical Merch Offers Needed to Speak To All Types of Fans
  • What Discount Offers The Band Used To Boost Their Ticket Sales