EP190: Getting Everything You Can Out of Emailing Your Fans

Sitting on a cold email list? Not sure what to do with new subscribers from your website, Toneden, or your online store? Email marketing is still widely discussed and highly profitable, but it's not always instinctive for artists!

Today on Creative Juice, we dive into how to make the most out of email marketing with smart segmentation of your fanbase that serves the whole journey of a listener! Learn how to segment your list no matter what your starting point, the key automations and strategies to put into place, and how to keep your list squeaky clean and engaged.

If you're looking to tap into the 4200% average ROI that email marketing can provide, this episode will help you go from the "newsletter" netherworld to a fan engagement email machine! 


  • How smart segmentation inspires strategy & helps you know your fans better
  • Where customer lifetime value plays a role in your email marketing
  • Why some subscribers are worth letting go and the importance of list hygiene 
  • What to do with an email list with little to no data
  • How to use email marketing to turn customers into repeat customers
  • What key automations you should deploy for different segments of your fanbase