EP214: A Crash Course in Web3 and Music

Turn any corner in the music industry these days and you'll probably hear buzz from executives, tech-heads, and marketers about NFTs and how they're the hottest monetization path for artists. What's the deal with NFTs and what is all the hype around web3?

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack, Ed, and Circa take us on a crash course in web3 and music! Learn what web3 is and its relationship to blockchain technology, what fundamentals musicians should know about cryptocurrency, how NFTs work, and what exciting future states could await the music business in web3!

Ever find yourself sitting on the sidelines wondering what the heck NFTs are and why any musician would care about them, this episode will give you the 101 you've been looking for!


  • What Web3 Is And How It Fits Into The History of The Internet
  • How Cryptocurrency, Web3, and Blockchain Technology Are Related
  • Why NFTs Today Are NOT The End All Be All
  • How Web3 Could Solve Intellectual Property Issues In Music
  • Where You Can Get Started Exploring The Web3 Music Space
  • Why Community Is Critical To The Future of The Internet