EP225: A Mid-Year Tour Marketing Recap with The 502s

What are the best practices for announcing, launching, marketing, and successfully playing a string of live shows right now in 2022 as the state of live music evolves?

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed bring us a mid-year report on the state of tour marketing straight from The 502s most recent international tour! Learn how to optimize your marketing for both existing and new show markets, discover how to announce ticket sales for visibility online, and how to let your data determine your tour routing!

Thinking about getting back into playing live shows after a long hiatus over the last two years? This episode is packed with actionable steps that are working NOW that you can use to make sure your next show has a big impact!


  • What Data To Analyze When Planning Your Tours
  • How To Launch Effectively To Increase Urgency and Demand
  • How To Interpret Listener and Customer Data To Sell More Tickets
  • What Marketing Tech Stack You'll Need To Build A Tour Opt-In Funnel
  • How The 502s Used A Waitlist Strategy To Capture Fan Attention
  • How To Use IG Stories To Drive Your Live Content Forward
  • Why It's Critical To Go The Extra Mile To Engage With Fans