EP226: Breaking Into The World of A&R With Katie Mitzell Fagan & Prescription Songs

For many musicians, there's a veil of mystery surrounding publishing, songwriting, and producing and the process of breaking into that side of the music business. Where do you get started if you're looking to make a living as a songwriter or producer?

In this special episode of Creative Juice, Jack is joined by Katie Mitzell Fagan, the Head of A&R at Prescription Songs (Doja Cat, Dua Lipa, Lil Nas X) in Nashville to chat about all things A&R, songwriting, and breaking into the publishing world! Learn how Katie helped grow Prescription Songs roster from 12 to over 150 songwriters, her process as an A&R when working with producers and songwriters, and her biggest advice for aspiring musicians looking to get started in publishing!

Do you want to break into the songwriting world but have no idea where to begin? Katie brings massive insight, inspiration, and actionable advice to this episode that you won't hear anywhere else!


  • How Katie Got Her Start In The Music Biz and Helped Build Prescription Songs
  • What A&R Teams Do Day-To-Day in 2022
  • How Publishing A&R Differs from Record Label A&R
  • How Katie and Prescription Songs Filled A Space In The Nashville Music Scene
  • What "Hustle" Really Means To Aspiring Songwriters and Producers
  • Where The Future of Music Publishing is (Hopefully) Heading