EP230: How To Amplify Your Fans’ Customer Experience

For musicians selling to their fans online, getting fans to click the buy button in your online store is just the first step in the process of creating lifelong customers! There's a whole world that happens after the sale...

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed discuss how to dial in the customer experience for your fans to create lifelong happy customers. Learn how to handle customer support without getting overwhelmed, automation tricks to wow your customers, and how to get your order fulfillment setup and streamlined!

If you're managing your own online store or preparing to sell to your fans for the first time, this episode will save you a lot of second-guessing about how to keep your fans happy!


  • How Your Customer Experience Can Create Two Different Kinds of Fans
  • What Support Scripts You'll Definitely Need To Succeed
  • How Automation Can Save You Time and Wow Your Customers
  • Why Your Fans Customer Experience Matters For Your Business Health
  • How The 502s Shored Up Their Fulfillment Processes