EP232: Post-Launch Marketing for Musicians

As a musician, wrapping up a release is only the beginning. Whether launching an album, EP, single, or merch line, you've managed to get people to take notice, but now you need to make the most of that opportunity and turn those new fans into lifelong customers!

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed chat about where to focus your marketing in order to turn those new fans into customers for life! Learn about the main hurdles artists hit after launching a record, why music marketing isn't always a linear process, and how to ensure your fans always see value in what you bring to the table!

This episode is a must-listen if you've ever felt stuck after a launch and didn't know how to dial in your marketing to build on your foundation! Don't miss it!


  • Why You Need To Nurture Your Fans And Build Perceived Value
  • How To Overcome Peaks and Valleys In Your Release Schedule
  • What Product Strategy To Focus On For Your Existing Customers
  • Why Music Marketing Isn't Linear or Paint-By-Numbers
  • How To Reframe Your Offers To Turn Listeners Into Customers