EP170: Auctions, Scarcity, and Selling Your Music

The conversation around selling is a constantly changing topic in the music biz, filled with new ideas, shiny objects, and skepticism. However, the conversation is rarely centered on the principles of selling. That's a disadvantage!

On this episode of Creative Juice, Corrin and Jack discuss the core sales concepts of scarcity, exclusivity, urgency and dive into the topic of auctions, digital products, and even NFTs! You'll understand the importance of these sales concepts and how they help make your offer compelling to your fans, whether you're selling merch, music, digital products, or anything in between.

If you're wondering about how to authentically sell, why there's so much buzz around NFTs, and how to craft offers of all kinds for your fans, this episode will get your gears turning!


  • What The Buzz About NFTs Is All About
  • How To Prep For An Auction Based Sales Offer
  • Why Scarcity, Urgency, And Exclusivity Are So Powerful In Selling Your Music
  • How To Make Merch That Turns Fans Into Raving Advocates