EP223: How To Get Unstuck and Grow Your Audience

With so many opportunities for growing an audience online, there's no excuse to NOT have a growing fan base. But many artists find themselves stalled out at the starting line...

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed discuss how artists can kickstart their fan acquisition processes with the paid traffic strategies we use for our artists at the IndieX music marketing agency! Uncover the top of funnel ad strategies we use to help artists get discovered and learn the pros and cons of ad placements from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and beyond!

Feeling stuck trying to grow your fan base? This episode is dedicated to getting you unstuck and growing, consistently every single day!


  • Why You Need Consistency In Your Audience Growth
  • What Creatively Assets You'll Need To Advertise Effectively
  • How TikTok Organic and Paid Traffic Work Together
  • Why YouTube Placements Require Intentional Videos
  • How To Become A Pattern Interrupt Ninja