EP233: The 4 Big Revenue Bottlenecks That Growing Artists Face

Did you know that for artists and bands with large, engaged audiences there are 4 major bottlenecks that can stall your revenue growth online?

In this episode of Creative Juice, Jack and Ed break down the processes we use with artists and bands at IndieX to help them diagnose and overcome their monetization bottlenecks from day 1! Learn why your revenue as an artist doesn't need to be a rollercoaster and how fulfillment, design, offer strategy, and profitability challenges can be easily solvable problems with the right tools, tactics, and team in place.

If you have a fan base and customers but haven't really leveraged selling merch online to full capacity, this episode is meant to help you find your blockers and clear them!


  • Why "Boring is Better" Once You've Got Attention Around Your Music 
  • What 4 Bottlenecks Exist for Artists Trying To Sell Merch Online
  • How to Diagnose Your Music Business Processes
  • Why Artists Tend To Undercharge (And How To Avoid It)