ManyChat Points System

One way to guide a fan through the education phase is to literally act as a concierge.

Imagine yourself as a Vaudevillian host…

“Hey there, like my tunes? Thank you very much. Interested in that particular lyric, eh? Right this way!

Oh now you’re wondering about my influences? Boy do I have the webpage for you!

Ah, you simply want more to chew on? Podcast here!”

We can do a much less annoying version of that using ManyChat - specifically, creating a ManyChat points system.

In short, this system can allow us to warm up fans to great lengths while engaging them, involving them, and getting desired actions from them that can be capitalized on the down the funnel.

How does it work? Well, the design can be largely up to you, but in this video I go over how I set up my points system in a very in-depth manner.

It will be exhaustive to explain it all here, but you want to incorporate the following with your system:

  1. Introduce (and automate) a points counter so that each fan has a points “balance” attached to their ManyChat record.
  2. Decide on a list of desirable fan interactions that you want to include in the bot (email lead generation, survey responses, social follows, etc).
  3. Find out how you can track these responses (Many of them will be self-contained within ManyChat).
  4. When a response is given, increase the points counter by one either using an action, or a “Rule” (found under Automation).
  5. Incentivize point accumulation by conceiving of prizes that you can send physically or digitally when a certain amount is hit.
  6. In my example, I use “Levels” to explain when prizes are achieved. Level one is completed at 3 points, Level two is completed at 6 points, etc.
  7. Each level has its own flow where the associated actions are contained. When someone enters the level flow, it checks to see what actions they’ve already taken and jumps them to the next available action.
  8. When the points system is triggered, you will want a flow that checks how many points the user has and jumps them to the correct Level they’re at. For example, if a user has no points, they will want to enter a flow that explains the points system. If they have several points, you will want to find out which Level this corresponds to and send them to that Level’s flow. At that point, the Level flow will discern which actions they have or have not taken within the Level and jump them to the correct action.

This robust flow can be put anywhere and everywhere - it can be sent to particularly interested commenters, it can be a next stop for those who message your page, you can sneak it into buttons on your website - it’s never ending.

This was a parsed down example, but you could make your points system enormous, cascading with multiple prizes that ascend fans to unseen heights automatically. This is a great way to congeal your buddy system and really kick your education phase into high gear.