Web Page Funnels

If you remember earlier on in the training, I showed off 4 main ways that we can provide unique/engaging resources on our own website so that our fans could get a better sense of who we are (and have a great time doing it).

In this lesson I want to show you how you can take these assets and leverage them in two main ways: First, I’ll show you how you can embed ManyChat links into these resources in order to reward particularly interested fans. Then, I’ll show you how we can rig up a retargeting chain to deliver special offers/content to your most educated fan segment.

Embedding a ManyChat Flow Onto a Lyrics Page

A lyrics page is a great place to hide some easter eggs because it is an unexpected place to find links. Additionally, the artistic nature of this page can allow you to intentionally leverage the meanings of the lyrics as kickoff points for your ManyChat flow.

  1. First, create your ManyChat flow.
  2. Then create your Ref URL growth tool.
  3. Connect the Growth Tool and the flow.
  4. From your Growth Tool, obtain the link URL.
  5. Using your website editor, link this URL into the desired text/lyric on your lyric page.

This tactic can be applied to artist bios, blogs, or pretty much anywhere else on your site where there are education materials.

Retargeting Artist Bio Web Traffic

Having a nice healthy bio full of information and other content can keep a hungry fan scrolling for quite a while. If we set up our bio to intentionally create long-form web visitors, then we can take stock of these tuned-in fans to offer them deeper content or offers.

  1. First, take note of your bio page’s URL.
  2. Then, create your top 25%, 10%, or 5% web traffic audience while narrowing down to only that URL.
  3. Create a reach campaign with a low daily budget.
  4. For your ad set, use the web traffic audience you just created.
  5. Create your ad linking to the relevant content or offer you want to show to this audience.

This strategy allows us to use web traffic as a sort of ‘second Fan Finder’. If we are looking to gain 75% viewers from our Fan Finder video, you can view this tactic as somewhat analogous - we are looking to gain “long time visitors” of this particular web page, and then push them along to an offer now that you can verify that they are interested in you more than the average fan.

Adding these simple fixtures to your website can act as an automatic safety net to pull fans deeper into the funnel - for free or for cheap. Delighting fans in this particular way can make an unforgettable impression that secures the fan - and has them wondering what other tricks you’ll have up your sleeve!