Warm Audience Boosting

You have fans coming in the door through an introductory asset such as a Fan Finder. You’re posting organically, you’re going live, and uploading stories.

You may be getting some solid success through these methods, but chances are if you are new to advertising online, these strategies may feel a little futile.

Well, the truth is, they sort of are.

Being able to generate an audience where purely organic methods are worthwhile takes a well-nurtured audience, tenure, consistent ad spend, and good page/post quality. Even so, organic reach is on the downslope and has been for years.

So, relying wholly on organic methods with or without these proverbial winds in your sails is not very reliable as the sole method for our education phase.

Thankfully, there’s an easy little ad campaign we like to run called Green Light Warmth Boosting. It allows us to take a very low ad spend ($1 - $5 a day) and ensure we’re staying top of mind for our introductory audience.

What I’m here to show you about our GLW method is how we can take it a step further by using it to help generate qualitative data and inform our fan avatar.

We have a full training on the Green Light Warmth Boosting method, and for that reason I will not be diving into the nitty gritty of it once again. I will be operating off of the assumption that you know the tech knowledge behind the campaign, and I will simply be explaining how we can use it differently. So train up if you’re not familiar, and then come back to this video!

If you’re familiar with the strategy, then read on…

Up to now, I’ve highlighted two main motives for our education phase. The first is to create conversations. The second is to extract qualitative data so that we can learn our audience and put forth the most resonant conversations possible (and thusly start a positive feedback system in our education phase). As a result, we can be sure that we’re cultivating a culture of fans that really feel understood and welcomed after they discover us, and prime them for the Permission phase.

Let’s look at a version of the GLW campaign we can run that allows us to hit on both of these motives simultaneously.

  1. Create a campaign in Ads manager.
  2. Set the Campaign Objective to engagement.
  3. Set Campaign Budget Optimization on for $1 to $5 daily.
  4. In your ad set, include the Custom Audiences that comprise your warm audience.
  5. Design 3 or more ads that hone in on different conversation topics relating to your brand. We want to see which ad provides more results so that we can discern which conversations are most relevant to our audience. In my example, I hone in on “Gear”, “Songwriting”, and “Gaming”.
  6. Use images, video clips, or even just text to convey the conversation topic. Use these for your ad creative and create these ads within the warm audience ad set.
  7. Turn the campaign on and run it for at least a week.
  8. Assess your results by seeing which ad fostered more engagement. Be sure to check into any comments you got on the ads for some extra qualitative data.

Now you know how you can design posts in a way that “take the temperature” of what your fans like most about your music, and can keep feeding into this with other education efforts moving forward.