Finding & Designing Ideal Conversations

Alright. We’ve learned several different methods for generating engagement, and extracting that engagement for qualitative data. Now we’re sitting on a batch of data chock full of insights for us to interpret,

So let’s do just that, and see what shakes out.

In our data hub, we asked a variety of questions that help us shape together our fan avatar. Refer to the final page of your data hub sheet to see what your biggest winners were, and let’s brainstorm what kind of conversations we can put back at the top of our education efforts.

In this video I provide examples based on my own efforts which will likely look much different than yours. As such, the conversations and approaches you decide on will depend on your intuition. With that in mind, here are the two considerations you can take to help you hone in on your main takeaways.

To discover your Main Takeaways, try to extract the commonalities between the responses. Look at your winning responses for a given set of polls. What is similar between them?

In my example, we can see that my IG audience prefers colored vinyl to standard black, prefer sci-fi to fantasy, and prefers albums to singles. I interpreted these responses to mean that my fans prefer to “dig in” to their experiences and are a crowd that can handle a robust or deeper experience.

To hone in on your next conversation topics (and isolate your average fan avatar), treat your main takeaway as an assumption that you can gain additional insights from. For each one ask:

“Now that I know this, how can I provide for my fans better?"

In my example, we can see that my fans are definitely gamers. Now that I know this for sure, I can ask them if they would like to see me start a Let’s Play channel - which is something I hadn’t considered before!

Once this is done, look at your data as a whole. Just like with your main takeaways, what is the most coherent through-line of all of your data? What ‘average’ person might be best described by the data?

For example, my data seemed to describe someone who is tech-savvy, sensitive, and detail oriented. This result alone can inform all my future merch design, content offerings, brand voice, and so much more.

Having set up “next conversations” allows us to feed it back into the top of our Education phase for even -better- surveys that inform our fan avatar more and more accurately. Now that you’ve run your first batch of polls, you are set up to do it even better next time.

Furthermore, we can start to install tentpole efforts of our education system now that we know what’s worth digging into. So, let’s move on to the next set of videos to do just that!