Facebook Groups

“Organic reach is DOWN.”

You’ve all heard it. In fact, it’s probably been used on you before as propaganda to get you into some shady “get followers quick” scheme.

But, it’s true. Organic reach at its absolute best may reach 8% of your followers on Facebook or Instagram. Not to mention, this number shrinks with every passing year.

As both advertisers and users have flocked to social, social platforms have had an increasingly harder time figuring out “what should show up on a user’s news feed”.

In the midst of all of this, Facebook Groups have become quite popular. These groups have served to help users curate their newsfeed experience by opting into specific communities full of relevant conversations.

Since these groups work well to create a “sub” community where the content shared is likely to be received well, organic reach in these groups is currently awesome.

With this in mind, we can use Facebook Groups for our band/artistry to start creating some of this organic reach amongst our fans.

That’s nice, but that’s just a superficial benefit of groups! We can use this group to create rituals, reward interested fans, drop advanced offers, discounts, share particular content, obtain user generated content...the list goes on forever.

It costs nothing to set up a Facebook group and can open up a whole world of warmth amongst your fans! Now that your head is swimming with ideas on how you can leverage Facebook groups, make your very own, and then follow me to the next video!