You Are Here

Welcome to the “How to Talk to Your Fans” training! Like every Indepreneur training, this one begins with a ‘You are Here’ section so you can know the appropriate vantage point from which to understand this information.

One of the most common questions (and hangups) that our indies face when they finally get fans coming into their world is…

“What do I do now? What do I say to these people? What do I offer them?”

Finding ourselves confused in this moment of our marketing journey is understandable. How are we supposed to automatically figure out what our new fans want from us and in what manner they want to continue hearing from us?

And even more baffling - how can we start to predict what they’ll want from us?

This training will address those exact questions, and its methods will come in handy as soon as we have new fans poking their heads into our world of music.

Now you’ve probably heard of The Buddy System - it’s a roadmap we developed that helps us understand how someone goes from having never heard of us to becoming a repeat customer over the course of several marketing interactions. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I highly recommend taking the buddy system training before this one.

With that being said, this training will squarely fall within the Education phase of the Buddy System - that means its methods and philosophies will help you most at the point where you have new fans being introduced to you, but don’t quite have an email list built yet.

While this will be most relevant to you if you’ve already implemented a Fan Finder campaign that brings new fans into your ecosystem, this information will still be relevant for any musician looking to use our tactics to grow their fanbase in the near future.

So now that you know precisely where the information you’re about to learn can be best applied, let’s get to learning!