This video will serve as a ‘table of contents’ for everything to come so you can get a clear view of where we aim to go as we move along.

As mentioned in the ‘You Are Here’ video, this training largely lives within the Education phase of the Buddy System - a crucial and oft overlooked phase that bridges the gap between Introduction and Permission.

In other words, the Education phase is where newly introduced fans learn more about our art through interactions so that they feel warm enough to us to join our email lists - so we’ll definitely touch on this phase at length.

Since this phase precedes email marketing, most of our tactics for garnering these interactions will be on social media channels. Thankfully, modern marketing has allowed us to quantify these interactions - a term that should probably sound very familiar at this point is ‘engagement’. We will look into how to intentionally ratchet up engagement to create results within our education phase.

Through generating engagement, we can collect all sorts of data that help us understand who our new fans are, and what they come to our art for. Post reactions, survey responses, live streams, messenger conversations, and Facebook groups can all help us understand our fan avatar.

Once we understand how to garner engagement, we will begin to gather and catalogue resulting data. This data can be used to gauge fan sentiments and preferences that they favor most about our output.

...and once we have data, we have predictions. We’ll begin to set up structures in our education phase that can run on autopilot and fast track our new audience into fans that are dying to know more (and diving for that opt-in button)!

So without further ado, let’s start implementing this stuff!