Apple Music Profile Optimization

Profile Elements

When it comes to Apple Music, there is not much that smaller artists can do to customize their profile. In fact, your profile picture is the only thing you have access to customize in the Apple Music for Artists platform.

Apple’s documentation states that bio information and other elements of your Apple Music Artist Page are queried directly from... TiVo. You may be wondering "TiVo - like the 'record TV shows' service from 2005?"

Yes. Oddly enough, that's the one:

To request a change to your bio (or other elements of your Artist page), you can email TiVo directly.

Yes. It's absolutely insane. But, here we are.

Claiming Your Profile

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to claim your Apple Music for Artists account so that you can customize your profile picture and, when they stop this strange parternship with TiVo, other “about” section items. 

Apple Music Metrics/Data

In your Apple Music for Artists account, you have access to an Analytics Dashboard. This dashboard includes information on listeners, followers, streams, the source of your streams, demographics about your audience, and your audience location.

Additional Resources

Creating an account with Musixmatch will allow you to publish your official lyrics on Spotify, Instagram, Apple Music, Tidal, Google and more.