Spotify Profile Optimization

Profile Elements

Main View

1. Profile Picture
Make sure your profile picture is the same one you use across all your social media profiles. Your profile picture can be set when viewing your profile.

2. Banner Image
Make sure your banner image works well on desktop and mobile views. Your banner image can be set when viewing your profile.

3. Links
On Spotify, the only links you’re able to add to your “About” section are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, and SoundBetter. While you can include links in your bio, they won’t be clickable.

4. Image Gallery
On Spotify, you can select a number of pictures, besides your profile and banner images, to be available in the “about” section of your Spotify profile

About Section

5. Bio
Also in the “About” section, Spotify allows you space for a bio up to 1500 characters.

6. Fundraiser Pick
A more recent feature of Spotify for Artists, the Fundraiser Pick allows you to link out to the fundraiser or charity of your choice. This can be great for fleshing out the dimensionality of your artist persona in the eyes of your fans - showing them more of what you care about outside of making music.

7. Artist Pick
This allows you to feature upcoming concerts or specific songs, albums, or even "Artist Playlists" at the top of your profile. For Circa's group, SOMEKIDPUNK, he has chosen to aggregate all of their singles under one playlist so that new fans visiting the profile for the first time can easily access them all in one go.

8. Merch Store
Connecting your Shopify with Spotify is a newer feature and may not be available to all profiles. If you are able to link your Shopify and your Spotify, you’ll be able to select three products at a time to showcase on your profile - one of the few ways that you can convert listeners on your Spotify to contacts that you actually own data for and can contact directly.

Claiming Your Spotify for Artists Profile

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to claim your Spotify for Artists account. Doing so will allow you to:

  • Customize your profile and banner image
  • Add a bio, links, and images to your gallery in your "About" section
  • View relevant analytics and data about your listenership
  • Submit upcoming releases for Editorial playlists (NOTE: submit at least 7 days before release for automatic Release Radar distribution)
  • Run Spotify Marquee campaigns to generate more streams and saves from your warm audience on Spotify

Spotify Metrics/Data

In your Spotify for Artists account, you have access to an analytics dashboard (see image below). This dashboard includes information on listeners, followers, streams, the source of your streams, demographics about your audience, and information about playlists you've been added to.

For more robust metrics from your Spotify listener base, you can use third-party services like Chartmetric or take our Spotify Field Guide training to learn how to manually gather these metrics using the Spotify for Developers API console.