Instagram Profile Optimization

Profile Elements

1. Username/Handle with Verification
This is your username/handle. If a particular username for your project does not exist, get creative and ensure that your audience knows it’s you.

Artist Name: bbno$
Username: @bbnomula

A blue check mark will appear when an account is deemed verified by Instagram. 

2. Profile Picture
Make sure your profile picture is the same one you use across all your social media profiles 

3. Artist Name
Your public name should be your band or solo artist name. 

4.Profile Category
Instagram lets you choose from a list of categories, so pick the one that best fits your brand.

5. Call To Action (Bio, 1st Line)
The 502s make use of a text subscription number so fans can opt-in for text message updates. This is a good option for capturing contact info from fans.

6. Bio
Great place to park relevant offers, news, or updates. On Instagram, your bio has a 150 character limit.

7. Link
Used as an extension of your biography and allowing for redirection to a landing page. We recommend using your main website, your most important current offer (opt-in or sales offer, if you have them), or a linktree style page.

8. Call To Action (Instagram Shop Button)
The Instagram Shop feature allows you to connect an ecommerce platform (like Shopify) to your Instagram profile and even tag specific products in your posts. Fans can purchase merch, tickets, and other items directly from your posts without leaving the app!

9. Email
Instagram allows you to offer an email address and "Email" button on your profile. Using a specific address, you can rig this up with email automation to generate more subscribers - but it's a bit advanced!