Twitter Profile Optimization

Profile Elements

1. Profile Picture
Make sure your profile picture is the same one you use across all your social media profiles

2. Banner
Make sure your banner image works well on desktop and mobile views

3. Public Name
Your public name should be your band or solo artist name. Try to make it consistent with your other social media profiles and avoid special characters or other things that would make your profile hard to search for.

4. Username/Handle
If possible, your handle should be common across all your social media profiles. Ideally, you should use the same "@" handle as you do on Instagram and TikTok.

5. Bio
Great place to park relevant offers, hashtags, news, or updates. On Twitter, your bio has a 160 character limit

6. Profile Category
Twitter lets you choose from a list of categories, so pick the one that best fits your brand.

7. Location
Select the most relevant location - either your current location or the original hometown of your band/group.

8. Link
We recommend using your main website, your most important current offer (opt-in or sales offer, if you have them), or a linktree style page.

9. Birthday (optional)

Photo/Banner Dimensions

Twitter Metrics/Data

Once signed into Twitter, navigate to Here, you can view all relevant analytics to see how your tweets are performing.

Under the “Home” tab you can view monthly snapshots of your overall Twitter engagement and performance. This is a great “birds eye view”, but won’t go into details.

Under the “Tweets” tab you can access more detailed information about your twitter activity and engagement: