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This training covers preparing all your social media platforms for success. People that are discovering you and your music through social media are considered “Top-of-Funnel” traffic. If you’re not familiar with the term “Top-of-Funnel” it simply refers to the first stage of your fans journey. Essentially, their introduction to you.

At Indepreneur, we call this fan journey your Buddy System. And in the Buddy System, “Top-of-Funnel” traffic is part of the Introduction Phase.

The Introduction Phase

A person's first few interactions with you, your music, and your brand.
The key to creating a good introduction phase for your potential fans is simplicity and consistency. You don’t want to inundate people with too much information that could overwhelm or confuse them. In this same way, you want to give them enough information for them to understand what you’re all about so they can decide if they’d like to follow along with what you’re doing. With social media platforms, outside of your content, you have a very small amount of space or real estate to imbue your brand and make the right first impression on potential fans.

While this may seem superfluous or low impact, these small touch points can contribute greatly to someone's perception of you and your brand.

This training is right for anyone and everyone looking to promote their creative offerings on social media. So whether you’re releasing your 10th studio album and touring the world, or you haven’t even put out your first song yet–the way you present yourself on social media matters.

Use this training to confirm that your current social profiles are fully optimized OR use this training to feel confident building them from scratch.